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At the heart of 4TRAK is a premium-quality totally separate four-channel mixer that can be used with or without a computer, making 4TRAK an extremely versatile TRAKTOR controller. 4TRAK has a full array of input and outputs for connecting virtually any device: RCA inputs on each station and four line-level inputs with two switchable to phono inputs and two switchable to microphone inputs.5/5(1). Man bedenke: Der 4TRAK ist der Zwillingsbruder vom Numark NS6, also ein wirklich großer, schwerer, hochwertiger Controller mit Stand-Alone-Mixer-Betrieb und hochwertiger I/O (24 Bit, 44,1 kHz). Die Latenzen liegen ebenfalls sehr niedrig bei ca. 13ms (wenn Samples verwendet werden)/5(23). Share your video clips with friends, family, as well as the world.


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Running! Please wait. At the heart of 4TRAK is a premium-quality fully independent four-channel mixer which can be used with or without a pc, making 4TRAK an extremely versatile TRAKTOR controller. 4TRAK has a complete range of feedback and outputs allowing you to connect almost any product: RCA inputs on each channel and four line-level inputs with two switchable to phono inputs and two switchable to microphone inputs.5/5(1). 4Trak Ops is a credit card applicatoin created by 4Tel Pty Ltd to present usage of train and other associated data in Australian Continent. The app includes a geographic map for tracking train along with other item GPS opportunities, a timetable view for finding trains and mentors running through a chosen area, advisor subscription with 4Trak, as well as larger gadgets a.
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: Numark 4 Trak 4-Channel Traktor Controller: Musical Instruments

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Combine everything: 4TRAK’s built-in four-channel mixer lets you bring turntables, microphones, MP3 players and much more to the combine. Connect almost any exterior songs source like turntables, CD players and microphones, and mix them in effortlessly with paths from your own software. Layer impacts, adjust filters, and blend and match both of them in manners that were formerly impossible. Both the FX1 and FX2 porches supply three controls which can be assigned into the results of your decision. Each FX deck also features time unit controls, enabling you to suit your effects to a track’s BPM immediately, and providing you continuous control of an effect’s pacing.

Connect two CD players, two turntables, two mics—the combinations are unlimited. Grab tracks or loops from your own songs library one minute, in that case your turntable, iPod, or a mic next. Initially introduced with NS7, this incredible virtual-needle-drop innovation enables you to locate any point on a track making use of an enhanced touch strip on each deck.

Light-emitting Diode track indicators above each strip provide real time artistic feedback concerning the paths position. Results may be immediately accessed by-channel. You will get direct access to beat grid controls and beat skip, allowing you to juggle a track inline utilizing the beat so that it never loses sync.

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