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There are positive signs. Ann wasfeeling ill last night. Can I borrow your pen, Linda? Watch the animation video. French and Spanish at college. He said I ought to stay in bed. Surely you recognize somebody. Rose is studying to be a lawyer. Pronouns are of different types. Update payment for full access. Is it a bottle? It was very long too. The film is boring. Mine is at home. What are they doing now? Is corn grown in Kansas? Jean must go to class. Pass me the wine, Beth. He may come late. Are trees green or gray? The cinema with pronouns and answer.

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Smith are now flying to Canada. When did the last train leave? She was happy when she saw me. Identifying and using verbs. Looking for Grammar worksheets? Are often replace a pdf and verb. You ought to take some exercise. Calculus is too hard for some. My sister and ____ went there. In a big hotel. Do you have your book? There are some mistakes.

Your car runs out of petrol. The ground is covered with snow. He was swimming in the lake. Once you find your worksheet. Direct object worksheets. The cat looks very friendly. Types of Pronouns in Spanish. Of course you are not a fool! The mailorder company sent Mrs. Much more than documents. She is very sleepy. Yes, the boy is riding.

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Jerry passed the examination. Sue and Alan are married. Andy has got a girlfriend. Honey, I have lost my keys. Do your friends like you? None of my friends are going. What time do you get up on Sunday? Who invented the electric bulb? Access more free lessons. It depends on the weather. Sí, te lo explico. Paul recognized the man. Paul bought the flowers. Add your thoughts here. It might get cold. His shirt looks dirty. Thank you for your help. Can you spell your name? Then he gave it up. Which part of speech? My friend invited a lot of visitors.


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