Antec chill control.Antec Kuhler 920 bad drivers?

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Antec chill control




Jun 08,  · Hey guys, I haven’t published on these discussion boards in a while but I’m in need of some assistance. I have this Antec Kuhler AIO Water cooling answer but I don’t possess Chill Control pc software and drivers because of it. Antec hasn’t taken care of immediately me personally in 2 months (and others have actually waited many years for an answer. Sep 02,  · Overview of Antec’s Chill Control pc software available solely when it comes to Kuhler H2O Dual Fan Liquid Central Processing Unit colder. Nov 30,  · breakdown of Antec’s Chill Control computer software available exclusively when it comes to Kuhler H2O Dual Fan Liquid. Enable “Simplified Field Notation” if this industry will be a complex calculation using standard math signs and grouping. It is possible to choose options between amount, product, typical, minimum and optimum. For example, (Field_1+Field_2)/Field_3 7.


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That is a computer program that ships utilizing the Antec Kuhler Central Processing Unit cooler. The hardware is a water based CPU cooler. The hardware has a usb connection to speak with the energy software. The program manages the speed fan in addition to gets information from sensors in relation . Sep 02,  · Overview of Antec’s Chill Control software available solely when it comes to Kuhler H2O Dual Fan fluid CPU colder. Antec Controls offers healthcare and laboratory solutions made to deliver precision airflow and environment control for important spaces.

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