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Casio cw 50


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Get the guaranteed best price on CD & DVD Printers like the Casio CW 50 Label Printer at Musician’s Friend. Get a minimal price and free shipping on tens and thousands of items. CW Printer Features Your CW Printer lets you quickly and easily print labels on a CD-R, CD-RW, and other kinds of disks. • Music Discs Labels can include artist brands and track brands (page 31). You may transfer track names from Page 13 crucial! This three-pack of Casio TRBK black thermal ink ribbon cartridges offers replacement ribbons for Casio’s CW, CW and CW CD Title Writers. Combined with Casio’s shade thermal printing system, you can develop unique, professional-looking custom graphics and text, imprinted straight onto your CDs and DVDs without the hassle of labels and /5().


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Disc Title Printer CW/CW Support. FAQs. Manuals. Packages. Windows ® 8 /7 /Vista ®. Warranty. Provider Charges. Item Repair/Parts. This three-pack of Casio TRBK black thermal ink ribbon cartridges provides replacement ribbons for Casio’s CW, CW and CW CD Title Writers. Coupled with Casio’s shade thermal print system, you’re able to create unique, professional-looking custom layouts and text, printed right on your CDs and DVDs with no hassle of labels and /5(). Get the guaranteed best price on CD & DVD Printers just like the Casio CW 50 Label Printer at Musician’s Friend. Get a reduced price and free delivery on numerous of products.
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CASIO CW USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib
CASIO CW-50 – Disc Title Printer Color Thermal Transfer Manuals

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Also See for CW consumer manual – 66 pages. Dining Table Of Contents. Quick Hyperlinks Install this manual. Application Version 3. Be sure to read through the Safety Precautions found in this manual before. Dining table of items. Previous Webpage. Following Webpage. Page 3 Important! Read This Very First! Before using it, make sure abnormalities to read listed here Safety Precautions. Keep consitently the manual in a convenient Continued use of the product while it is emitting smoke or strange location for future reference when needed.

Doing this creates plugs while your hands are wet. Performing this creates the risk of electric shock. Take notice of the following precautions to make sure that the printer offers you Never put huge object on top of the product. Performing therefore can the many years of trouble-free procedure which is why it is designed. Webpage Button Operations Button Operations All operations in this manual are carried out with the mouse. Click the switch. On the selection that appears, click New.

Utilizing this Manual reference the indicated pages for details. You’ll be able to import track names from Page 13 essential! Note that images are imprinted in monochrome. AC adaptor terminal printer malfunction, it is possible to open correctly to a PC. Webpage 19 If you accept be limited by the contract, mouse click Yes. Mouse Click Finish. Look at the installation area, then click Then. Click on the Windows Start button, and then click Control Panel.

Note click on the combine or Remove Programs icon. Some data could cause a separate confirmation dialog box appearing before they can be deleted. If you are unsure about where you need to keep a file, This causes the Add or Remove Programs dialog package to look. Utilize the power cord and AC adaptor that come bundled aided by the printer to connect to a power origin. Webpage 24 Gently pull out the disc tray as shown below.

Before utilizing the printer the very first time whenever you purchase the printer, the carrier is secured set up by loading products at the areas shown when you look at the illustration below. Make sure to perform the procedures from web page 16 through web page 22 of the manual before eliminating the packaging material. Page 25 Position the ink ribbon cassette so that the ink ribbon passes underneath the printing Close the leading address.

Print head Ink ribbon Significant! Always be certain you close the front cover before closing the disk tray. Notes near the disc tray. In the event that front address inadvertently becomes detached through the printer, make use of this causes the disk tray to come out part method. Remember that the location associated with the appli- cation could be different on your computer, based what you specified when you installed it. Webpage 28 mouse click Input the text data you need.

This shows the key window for the music label template. Move the cursor into the label feedback boxes, and then type in the disk name, singer names, and track names. The written text you feedback appears within the preview image from the display screen. Simply click This shows a dialog box for choosing the printing pattern.

Note See page 47 for details about altering the written text layout pattern. Note Click See page 45 for factual statements about print design environment. Webpage 30 Choosing a Font. Click the Artist Name tab. Mouse click This shows a dialog box to make font settings. Choose 2 for Size, and then click OK. This finishes input of the label information. Note concur that Title loss is selected.

See page 48 for details about font options. Page To Print A Label In accordance with the guidelines in the screen, put the disk on the To print a label tray. Near the disc tray. Push the disk tray with your hand until it clicks. Click the selection that appears, click protect. Click begin printing. Carefully grab the tray and take away the disk.

Selecting a template displays its main window, which contains the weather when it comes to template an array of content-specific preset label formats makes label creation while you select. Follow the instructions in the Assistant display for fast and simple labels. The Assistant function offers you step-by-step guidance for producing even with you will be used to making labels Displays a dialog box with an enlarged preview image.

This option is shown on the songs, information, and digital image label templates e Label Input Boxes just. It’s possible to transfer CD-Text information or track and feature it to the music label template. The CD-Text data is presented when you look at the label feedback cardboard boxes while the label preview image.

Understanding Media Player? Find the playlist you produced in step 3, then click Open. A dialog box for choosing the particular text you need to import appears after On the music label primary window, click the button.

This displays a dialog package for opening a file. Utilize the next procedures to import a folder title and file brands for data label or digital picture label. Page 43 To transfer file names On the info label template or digital image label template main window, move the cursor towards the label input box for which you wish to transfer the file brands, and then click Click Import then Import File Name.

This shows a dialog package for picking files. Stamps the present time in to the label input box. From the menu that appears, click Save. This shows a dialog box for conserving label information. For a disc which contains such information that it cannot fit on a label, you can use listed here process to generate a data list file that you can print out on some type of computer printer. It’s possible to get a handle on the look of your labels utilizing the printing pattern and text layout panels, together with Font and Image buttons.

Any changes you make to a label are immediately shown when you look at the label preview image. Page 48 To configure print pattern settings to change a preset print pattern Click the panel. In the primary screen, click This displays a menu for choosing a print design.

This shows a dialog box for selecting a print pattern. Click This displays a dialog package for configuring sophisticated print pattern options. The settings you configure are mirrored here. Webpage Configuring Text Layout Settings To configure text layout options Configuring Text Layout Settings You can choose from a variety of designs when it comes to text on the labels.

Click the panel. Concerning the Layout Panel This shows a menu for picking a text layout. This Displays a menu of options. Page Configuring Font Settings to change a preset text layout Configuring Font Settings On the primary window, click utilize the procedures in this section to regulate the font, feature, and size settings of label text. Simply click This displays a menu for selecting a text layout. In the main window, click on the switch. Page 51 click on the L switch in Font.

Within the Font Size group, select the font size you desire. You can input text for up to six text input areas in a single label. Observe that the sheer number of lines you can easily input is suffering from the font size you decide on. If you indicate a 2-line font size for the title font and artist title, when designing a music CD label, for example, you are able to input just two lines of song subject text.

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