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Converge pro 880t




• Works with CONVERGE Pro services and products: , T, T, TA • Expandable for bigger room applications by daisy-chaining up to 3 arrays per CONVERGE Pro unit • Adaptive acoustic processing instantly adjusts to area setup for most effective sound pickup • Replaces up to 10 traditional microphones, with twice the pick-up range. Jul 23,  · CONVERGE® Pro 2. DSP Mixers. COLLABORATE® Live. VIEW® CONVERGE Pro T Install ( MB) Updated. Jul 23, Edgewater Corporate Park Southern Tower. Wiley Article Method, Suite Salt Lake City, UT Phone: . The Converge Pro T integrates the wealthy functionality of the Converge Pro with an integral telephone interface and speaker amp for separate conferencing applications. The T delivers enhanced management features, simplified setup tools, and industry-leading expandability for virtually any venue or : CLEARONE COMMUNICATIONS.


Converge pro 880t.ClearOne CONVERGE® Pro Series | Professional audio conferencing

Perfect for collaboration, presentation and length communications, the CONVERGE Pro T capitalizes on ClearOne’s legacy sound technology with proven HDConferenceTM audio processing for unmatched noise plus the most normal audio conferencing experience : ClearOne. • Works with CONVERGE Pro services and products: , T, T, TA • Expandable for bigger area applications by daisy-chaining up to 3 arrays per CONVERGE Pro unit • Adaptive acoustic handling instantly adjusts to space setup for most effective sound pickup • Replaces up to 10 traditional microphones, with twice the pick-up range. Jul 23,  · CONVERGE® Pro 2. DSP Mixers. COLLABORATE® Live. VIEW® CONVERGE Pro T Install ( MB) Updated. Jul 23, Edgewater Corporate Park Southern Tower. Wiley Post Way, Suite Salt Lake City, UT Phone: .
3 Year Office Equipment Protection Plan
CONVERGE Pro T | Clearone
ClearOne CONVERGE PRO 880T Installation & Process Manual
4 Year Office Equipment Protection Plan

Dining Table Of Contents. Fast Hyperlinks. Dining table of Contents. Previous Webpage. Next Page. Pro conferencing input growth system 2 pages. Clearone professional conferencing system datasheet 2 pages. Digital matrix mixer with four station power amp 2 pages.

Information in this document is subject to transform with no warning. Page 5 Converge Pro T Today, ClearOne features over 80, installations global in organizations including the Fortune 1, to your federal government. Read these directions. Hold these guidelines. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Don’t use this apparatus near water. Cleanse only with dry fabric.

Never prevent any ventilation openings. Never install near any heat resources such as for example radiators, heat registers, stoves, or any other equipment including amplifiers that create temperature. Re-designed, re-tooled with added energy and functionality, the TA also provides industry-leading development capabilities.

The delivers rich functionality with enhanced sound performance, enhanced management, and simplified setup for audio conferencing and sound support applications. Webpage 14 The successor into the industry-leading XAP The T offers the exact same wealthy function set while the T, filled with a built-in phone program and power amp for separate conferencing applications. The 8i provides brand-new affordable setup flexibility. It may be included with , T, and TH20 methods for additional microphone and line inputs, enabling consumers to complement the sheer number of inputs and outputs needed for specific conferencing and sound reinforcement installments.

The TH20 growth coach allows you to connect to 16 TH20 products collectively for industry-leading conferencing capacity. It also adds two line-level inputs and outputs for enhanced system capacity. In addition to enhanced audio performance, enhanced administration, and simplified setup, the SR offers industry-leading growth abilities to accommodate just about any size site. The ultra-sleek design meets into any conferencing environment and delivers the clearest audio pickup available with adaptive acoustic handling.

ClearOne isn’t in charge of item damage sustained during cargo. Inspect your delivery carefully for apparent signs of damage. In the event that cargo appears damaged, wthhold the initial boxes and loading material for assessment by the carrier, and contact them instantly. Liquid Crystal Display show: Shows model number, product name, internet protocol address, firmware version, menu pages, selection options, configuration options, and parameter values.

Page 42 Line Inputs: Mini-terminal push-on block connector for line degree inputs only. Four, 35 Watt interior power amplifiers get rid of the importance of an external energy amplifier. NOTE: to lessen threat of electric surprise and harm to gear, never connect wiring or exterior gear even though the amplifier is energy is on. Course 2 wiring is needed. Push the choose switch to select it.

Page 53 Press the Select key to save the parameter price. To discard the change and come back to the prior menu, press the Esc button. If a mistake happens, contact ClearOne Technical Support. Webpage 57 When nothing is selected, the system ignores circulation control, and also the utilizes the connected outside control device to ensure data is perhaps not lost. Select the DID you need to use, press the Choose switch. You may want to use the General loss associated with the Unit Properties screen in Console to alter this setting when disconnected through the unit.

Push the Esc key to come back to the primary Liquid Crystal Display menu. In the event that you install motorists for a design and later link another design to the system via USB, Windows will repeat the installation procedure when it comes to new unit type.

If you go through any problems during installation, contact ClearOne tech support team. When a niche site file is established, system displays the machine Tab as shown below. The default user name is clearone; the default code is converge. As shown above, the standard display screen is product Tab. Page 67 things Pane The Object Pane offers the AV Devices tab, which allows you to definitely choose from a summary of pre-configured unit settings and apply them instantly to a channel; together with things tab, enabling one to choose from a listing of custom channel objects and immediately use them to a particular station type.

Site files are a robust device for creating a library of setup data for certain applications and space kinds. Page 69 The File menu appears. Choose Open Site as shown below. The Open dialog appears as shown below. Locate your website file you want to open and then click Open.

Console opens the site file, plus it appears within the Site Selection drop-down number when you look at the Site Pane as shown below. Utilize the data of type drop-down number to open G-ware files. Consumer brands and passwords aren’t instance delicate. Site files contain all information regarding a particular installation including properties for all units in a niche site.

Webpage 73 The Site characteristics window appears utilizing the General tab selected. The website Characteristics screen appears. NOTE : you really must have administrator privileges in order to connect to devices with Console, and to modify user brands and passwords. NOTE: The default user name is clearone. The default password is converge. When regional Time is selected, the utilize option is activated; pressing it updates the time and date on all units in the current site. Unit Properties enable you to configure general unit options such as for instance name, and phone nation code, along with internet protocol address and serial communication options.

Properties that utilize to any or all products in a site are configured using Site Qualities. The system Qualities window appears. They must start with a letter and may contain both letters and numbers, with a maximum duration of 15 characters. Webpage 81 area Enter a descriptive name for the area within the area area. Serial Echo enables and disables echo in the serial interface.

The standard for Baud speed is The standard for flow-control is Hardware. Webpage 83 Proxy The Proxy loss is made from 6 areas. This number is usually acquired during your Network Administration.

Ordinarily, standard values work. Sporadically your Network Administrator might want to customize the options. Usually do not transform these options unless directed to do this. All Values come in milliseconds unless otherwise noted. Usually do not transform these options unless you have detailed familiarity with their particular purpose, they could considerably impact call quality and gratification.

Default is Level. Bundles through are for Unicast. Finally, Bundles through are personal bundle figures and set aside for Cirrus Logic products. Dante Tab provides the next Dante system connection controls and information: Refresh Configuration Mode enables you to perform sophisticated configuration of gadgets to customize them to your unique application.

Accessing Configuration Mode Console instantly starts in Configuration Mode using the Unit tab displayed as shown below. You are able to switch between modes by hitting the Mode buttons from the Button Bar. The Blue line shows the E-Bus connections. All products which can be linked and are part of your website also appear in the Tree see loss.

To get into the entire group of configuration options for the station, go through the Channel Label or number or page of the channel next to the matrix. Page 94 Processing Channel Settings Pointing to a processing channel in the Matrix area of the screen highlights it in orange, and reveals the routing for the station in white shown above. Clicking the channel chooses it and shows the routing to other products within the site by-channel key in the Site Pane shown below.

Pointing to a fader station within the Matrix portion of the screen highlights it in tangerine, and shows the routing for the channel in white shown above. Clicking the channel chooses it and shows the Input Tx stations only , Output RX channels only , Processing, Expansion, and Fader channel routing white highlights for the chosen channel as shown above. Webpage 97 choices for the selected Power Amp appear below the Matrix row.

Sound Masking is an Amplifier Out only feature comprising three modes: » Off: Disables the function Voice: Masking works just when you look at the range generally used whenever target audio is singing. Wideband: Masking works through the entire audible number of the machine. Otherwise they run in almost any combination consistent with the Processing channel filters.

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