Creative nomad jukebox zen xtra.Creative NOMAD Zen XTRA consumer Manual

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Creative nomad jukebox zen xtra


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Your NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra comes with a USB cable for quick data transfers to and your Player to from your own computer. Make certain that you’ve got put in Creative MediaSource your Computer before connecting your player. Product description This sleek Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra ipod by Creative has a large, hi-res, blue backlit LCD and 40GB of storage space for approximately 10, songs. It features fast USB file transfers, fast Scroller navigation and playlist creation in order to load and organize your music quickly and easily/5(). Feb 11,  · A cool early (and able) ipod. This Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 40GB MP3 Player by Creative is in excellent working condition.


Creative nomad jukebox zen xtra.Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra (40GB) review: Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra (40GB) – CNET

This item Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 30 GB MP3 athlete (stopped by Manufacturer) FiiO M6 Hi-Res Lossless MP3 very good music player with HiFi Bluetooth aptX HD/LDAC, USB Audio/DAC,DSD/Tidal/Spotify help and WiFi/Air Play Full Touch Screen4/5(). May 26,  · The Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra is Creative’s newest version of the high-capacity tough disk digital very good music player. The latest variation is the same as the recently released Zen NX, except it offers a more substantial / Your NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra includes a USB cable for quick information transfers to along with your Player to from your own computer. Be sure that you have put in Creative MediaSource your Computer before linking your player.
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Dining Table Of Contents. Quick Hyperlinks. Table of items. Previous Page. Following Page. Creative nomad jukebox zen nx 20gb: users guide pages. No part of this manual might be reproduced or transmitted in virtually any form or at all, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, for any purpose without having the written authorization of Creative Technology Ltd.

Page 3 items Page 5 Selecting list and confirmation package options Webpage 6 Saving the Selected Music List as a playlist Page 7 a Specialized Specifications Size A-1 Weight A-1 Memory A-1 Capacity A-1 Battery type A-1 Battery lifetime playback time A-1 Interface A-1 Playback Formats A-2 Signal to Noise Ratio A-2 Channel Separation A-2 THD A-2 Frequency Response A-2 Harmonic Distortion A-2 Headphone Out A-2 LCD Display C-1 Features C-2 General C-2 Maintenance C-5 Usage C-5 Error Diagrams D-1 Changing Settings D-1 Profiles D-2 Setting Sleep Timer D-3 Contrast D-3 Language Settings D-3 Menu Language D-4 Input Language Do not reveal to heat up or incinerate.

Steer clear of powerful magnetized fields. If there is leakage, stench, discoloration or deformation during charging you or use, remove the battery plus don’t utilize it once more. Clean the hands prior to handling meals or pressing delicate Page Introduction Introduction webpage 13 Your player also comes with an USB 2. Unlike various other hardware-based players, the NOMAD Zen Xtra features an onboard real-time digital signal processor DSP and a real-time impacts processor for superior audio playback and customization.

Page Creative Mediasource Player With Creative MediaSource Organizer, you will find any track effortlessly, no MediaSource matter where its saved on your own hard drive or outside storage space devices.

Organizer to take pleasure from this particular aspect, you must have a Creative noise Blaster Audigy 2 audio card put in in your system. Before beginning xix Page Creative Nomad Explorer Explorer, you can easily copy or go documents to and from your player, the same as a portable storage device.

Webpage Document Conventions Document We use icons to emphasize useful or immediate information for you: Conventions Suggestion.

This lets you know about shortcuts or suggestions relating to a feature. This highlights extra or important info about an element. This highlights proper usage of your player. Use this information in order to prevent situations concerning threat. Page Online Information Visit www. You can get an extra removable Lithium-Ion battery for your battery pack. Before You Begin xxiv Page on line Registration on the web Enjoy a host of advantages by registering your products or services during installation, or at www.

Registration Benefits include: Service and device support from Creative. Special updates on offers and events! To join up online, your player needs to be connected to the pc. For example, if you are looking at the Menu display: options 1. Use the Scroller to scroll up-and-down when you look at the selection. Push the Scroller to select the menu item. Selecting list and you may also utilize the Scroller to select confirmation containers or options in an inventory.

Webpage Getting Started Getting Started drive the Open switch to just the right as shown in Figure The cover pops open. Insert the battery into the player. Position the hooks of cover throughout the open positions as shown in Figure Figure Opening the address.

Page 31 4. Press the cover carefully to break closed as shown in Figure Figure Securing the address. Starting Page Charging The Battery Charging the The high end lithium-ion electric battery supplied with your player needs to be totally charged before you utilize it. Webpage Installing Software 5. mouse click the OK switch. You may also select the language your 6.

See “Language Settings” make sure you have got set up Creative MediaSource your pc before linking your player. Page Transferring Music CDs to your computer. Data can also be moved and stored in your player. For example, you want to move a large film file in one pc to some other. To draw out audio data, you will need a CD-ROM drive that will extract digital sound data, and a course referred to as a Ripper. Page 38 MP3 data is Kbps, however some are set higher, at or Kbps.

Greater bitrates will result in larger MP3 file sizes, with better audio high quality. Scroll Select Selected Music. The upper-left corner associated with the display will show the chosen Music checklist symbol. Press the rear button again to show the Menu display screen.

Scroll Select Now performing, which will show the track this is certainly becoming played back or perhaps the track that’s been chosen. The Perform All symbol is repeated constantly until you stop it. Press the Menu option If there is only one track when you look at the Selected 2.

The Shuffle Perform icon at random and played back continuously before you stop playback. Playing a track When the Selected Music List is played normally, each track when you look at the Selected songs number is played, through the first track to your last. Press the Menu button 2.

The Chosen Music Checklist screen appears. Webpage Bookmarking A Track Bookmarking a Bookmarking a track sets a playback point—you can jump to this point whenever you play the bookmarked track. That is helpful if, for example, you track want to bookmark an audio book. Scroll Select Now Acting.

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