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D-link dub-e100


Easy to Install and Use.D-Link Tech Support Team


D-Link Support Resources. Drivers – REV C. DUB-E C1 Drivers x86 & xzip ( MB) install. DUB-E C1 Driver v5.x.x (Windows).rar ( MB) Download. DUB-E C1 Driver v (MacOS).rar ( KB). The DUB-E USB to Fast Ethernet community adapter offers Fast Ethernet connection for desktop computer and portable computers. Just connect the adapter into the computer’s USB slot, and you’ll be in a position to connect a switch or a router to your pc making use of Ethernet cable. The DUB-E USB 10/ Fast Ethernet Adapter is a high-speed adapter that plugs into any available USB port on your computer to enable you to connect with an Ethernet system. The adapter gets rid of the requirement to open your personal computer to put in a network card, and it also allows you to hold your notebook’s expansion slot no-cost for other uses.


D-link dub-e100.D-LINK DUB-E QUICK INSTALLATION MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

The D-Link DUB-E is a Hi-Speed USB 10/Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter specifically designed to connect into an available Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface on a desktop or laptop Computer running Microsoft Windows XP, me personally, or 98SE. Considering USB , the DUB-E stretches the transfer speed of early in the day USB Fast Ethernet adapters to real 10/Mbps Reviews: The D-Link DUB-E signifies the simplest way for connecting your computer to an Ethernet based network. The D-Link DUB-E provides a typical RJ connector for a quick and easy method of linking to an Ethernet 10Mbps or quick Ethernet Mbps based LAN via a network hub or switch. Sep 01,  · Contact Superior Support. The product is stopped. No-cost support with this item has ended on 09/01/
DLink DUB-E100 driver installation fails; driver perhaps not suitable for Windows 10
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USB 2. centered on USB 2. That’s about 40 times faster than USB 1. As a USB unit, this adapter eliminates the necessity to open up your computer’s cover to connect a network card into an expansion slot. Additionally saves your laptop’s Computer Card slot for various other use.

Installation and use are further simplified by living up to USB’s out-of-the-box installation approach to connecting computer system peripherals.

You simply won’t have to set IRQ’s along with other settings for the system connection. It really is backward suitable for USB 1. Windows will identify new hardware and prompt you when it comes to motorists.

Follow the measures below and then go to the Driver Installation part from the after pages. Attach the other end associated with the Ethernet cable to your community switch, hub, or router. Setting up the Drivers The installation process varies somewhat for every Windows os. Check out the right installation part for your Windows os.

Installation is Complete! Installing of the DUB-E is total. If both LEDs are unlit, there could be an issue aided by the real link. Look at the cables between your DUB-E, the computer, while the system. Verify that your particular community switch, hub, or router is powered on. Faq’s 1. If the pc won’t have USB 2. Do i must use a crossover cable or straight-through cable? What this means is the slot will auto-sense the cable type.

If you make your own cables, it is vital they stick to the industry standard pin-out A and B. Computer connections to a hub, switch, or router typically use a straight-through cable. When linking a computer to some other computer system or to an uplink slot then a cross-over cable is typically needed. Click the link to learn more. You’ll install by either clicking the ‘Download’ key. Description USB 2. Welcome to the HelpDrivers, motorist for printers. Click for more information You can install by either clicking the ‘Download’ switch.

Never rename the file you are getting, it might probably trigger installation problems.

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