Fujitsu fi 5530c.Fujitsu FI-5530C2 Operator’s Manual

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Fujitsu fi 5530c


Step 2. Select Scanners.FUJITSU Image Scanner fiC2 – Fujitsu Global


Fujitsu fiCドライバ Fujitsu fiC で Windows 10 を使い続けたい VueScanがお手伝いします! Fujitsu fiCドライバをリバースエンジニアリングしてVueScanに含めたので、古いスキャナを使い続けることができます。. Software Downloads: fiC. There is certainly a newer design with advanced functionality for this scanner. FUJITSU Image Scanner fi Fujitsu fiC 드라이버 Fujitsu fiC 에서 Windows 10 을 계속 사용하고 싶습니다 VueScan이 도와 드리겠습니다! 우리는 Fujitsu fiC 드라이버를 리버스 엔지니어링하고 VueScan에 포함 시켰기 때문에 기존 스캐너를 계속 사용할 수 있습니다.


Fujitsu fi 5530c.Fujitsu fiC – document scanner Series Specs – CNET

Fujitsu fiC – document scanner – desktop – USB , SCSI overview and full product specifications on CNET. PAK PAK Scanner Brake and choose Roller Set appropriate for Fujitsui Fi fi fiA fiC fiC fi fi fi fiS out of 5 stars 25 $Reviews: 1. Fujitsu fiC 드라이버 Fujitsu fiC 에서 Windows 10 을 계속 사용하고 싶습니다 VueScan이 도와 드리겠습니다! 우리는 Fujitsu fiC 드라이버를 리버스 엔지니어링하고 VueScan에 포함 시켰기 때문에 기존 스캐너를 계속 사용할 수 있습니다.
Fujitsu fi-5530C – document scanner Series Specs
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Dining Table Of Contents. Quick Links Install this manual. Dining table of articles. Previous Webpage. Following Page. Fujitsu fiC2 Getting Started Manual 27 pages. Webpage 3: Dining Table Of Contents 2. Page 4 5. This document describes the way to handle the fiC2 and basic businesses. Before you start using the fi- C2, be certain to see this manual thoroughly to ensure proper use.

Page 9: Note Of Liability Do not put the material within the lamp in the mouth area because it features mercury. Warning Indications Used in This Manual webpage 13 ensure that any smoke coming from this has ended, before contacting the store where you purchased the scanner or an authorized FUJITSU scanner supplier. Page 14 don’t install the scanner on volatile surfaces. Be sure that the scanner is set up on a flat, level surface and that none of their components stretch beyond the outer lining top, such as a desk or table.

Never install the scanner on unstable surfaces. Page energy Outlet Disconnect the power plug from the power outlet if the scanner is certainly not used for a long period of time. When the scanner is not going to be properly used for an excessive period of time, make sure to disconnect the energy connect through the power outlet for safety.

Page Turning The Scanner On 1 Turn on the scanner, and then make sure the scanner is linked to your individual computer. Refer to “2. In Windows and Windows Vista, double-click from the [fi- C2dj] symbol. The scanner is instantly switched to your Power protect mode.

Page 23 4. Place the document from the ADF paper chute. Position the document so the height for the document will not surpass the HINT range mark found during the side guide. Page 25 2. Raise the paper stop and increase it toward you by using your disposal together with indentations on the stacker. Start up the scanner application, and then scan the document. Webpage Scanning Documents Scanning Documents This section describes how exactly to scan documents with this specific scanner.

The next is a basic procedure for scanning documents: 1. Place a document in the scanner. Introduction an application you wish to use for scanning. Choose a scanner to utilize. Webpage 27 PRO, refer to section if you wish to use various other applications for scanning, refer to the respective guides that include the applications.

Major setting items are given just below. Webpage 30 Select this tab when establishing cache mode, multifeed detection, blank page missing, etc. Select [mm], [inch], or [pixel]. Webpage 31 it can save you the modifications meant to a Setting File. Through the following scanning, a set of options are rapidly switched using these Setting data.

Often, you configure settings for scanning within the setup dialog box of the scanner driver, which is invoked from a software.

Webpage 34 Resolution You’re able to specify the sheer number of pixels dots per inches. Select a preset resolution through the number or type in any worth from 50 to , or in the box. In the event that you enter a number from to , the resolution is automatically set to dpi.

The greater the resolution, the more memory is necessary. Page 35 You can specify a place is scanned for a full page associated with the selected size. By dragging the rectangle on the web page with the mouse, it’s possible to change the size of the area. You may specify the area by typing in numbers when you look at the boxes. Webpage 36 [Image Processing] Tab Quick Set Some image-processing-related settings, that are commonly used, are readily available. Select a setting pattern, and also you don’t need to configure settings one by one.

The next setting patterns are available Selectable only when [Black and White] is selected under [Mode] : typical documents default webpage 37 You can output reversed images. Overscan You can set the overscan function. Documents are scanned in a paper size bigger than the main one specified in the [Paper Size] drop-down list. Webpage 38 ADF at the same time. It is possible to specify predicated on what overlap or length a multifeed error is detected to enable you to stop scanning at error detection and receive a mistake message.

Do not stop scanning upon recognition If this checkbox is marked, the scanner ignores multifeed errors and goes on scanning. Webpage 39 of these items, [Shadow] and [Highlight] can be specified only when a Color or Grayscale setting is selected under [Mode]. Page 40 [Color Dropout] Tab Color Dropout some of three primary colors red-green-blue may be dropped out from document pictures.

For example, when scanning text in black with all the red frame, choosing red color scans just text in black. This environment can be acquired only once monochrome or a Grayscale environment is selected. Webpage 41 1. Page 42 [Imprinter] loss You can configure settings for making use of the imprinter option to be bought individually. This loss is certainly not shown unless the imprinter option is put in. Structure Template Characters entered this box are imprinted on documents. Feel free to use the following figures: Alphabet Numerics Page 43 You are able to specify the unit of this top margin; in inches, in cm, or in pixel.

Font You’re able to specify the font style from typical, Bold, and Narrow for printing figures. Rotation It’s possible to specify the written text course for printing figures. Page 44 [About] Tab with this loss, you will see the data about the ISIS driver plus the scanner connected to your personal computer system.

Page Selecting A Scanner 2 Select a scanner you want to use. You must configure settings, such the file structure, destination, and scanning parameters, every time you scan a document. Page 49 [Save to register] Checkbox to truly save scanned document photos just after scanning, mark this checkbox.

Should you want to validate scans before conserving them to submit, clear this checkbox. Webpage 50 Folder Name You can specify a folder to save lots of scanned document images. Enter a complete road in the box or click the [Browse] option to choose a desired folder. File Name A file title used to save scanned document image data is displayed. You might change the file title. In that case, you are able to change settings in the dialog box shown. Click on the [Scan] button to scan documents.

Page 53 choose a profile you wish to use due to the fact foundation from the profile list, and then click the [Copy] button. Go to step 3. Profile List Page 54 you can easily enter a profile name and information, and select a profile type. Clicking the [Detail Scanner Settings] button displays the setup dialog package for the scanner motorist.

Page 55 2. From the [Scan] menu, select [Batch Scan Settings]. Select a profile you intend to use for scanning. Page 56 4. Click the [Scan] key. B: From the selection Method 2 1. Place the document on the scanner. C: From the toolbar 1. For information on how exactly to place documents, relate to section the ADF” webpage 58 3. Click the [Start Batch Scan] button on the toolbar.

Page Scanning Various Types Of Documents The screens and operations provided herein could be not the same as real ones if the operating-system you’re making use of is certainly not or windows 7. Webpage Scanning Double-Sided Documents 4. Select [Duplex] under [Scan Type]. Click the [OK] button. For information regarding just how to scan documents, describe section PRO”

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