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Hyperdeck shuttle 2


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HyperDeck Shuttle Mounting Plate can be bought if you would like secure your HyperDeck Shuttle to a camera rig with your choice of rail mounts, cold shoe supports, articulated hands and much more. You may also make use of the dish to run your HyperDeck Shuttle from an external electric battery by attaching a V-Mount or Anton Bauer style battery pack plate. HyperDeck Studio 12G. If you want going beyond p30, HyperDeck Studio 12G is an even more sophisticated version of HyperDeck Studio. Featuring 12G-SDI connections and HDMI , HyperDeck Studio 12G works closely with all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to p60 over a single cable. Solid-state Disk (SSD) Technology: The ” SSD slot in the HyperDeck Shuttle 2 provides you with blazing-fast speed, low power usage and completely quiet procedure. You can now eliminate complicated and expensive disk arrays. A single typical SSD can rec/5(54).


Hyperdeck shuttle 2.Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle 2 Video Recorder

Sep 01,  · Re: HyperDeck Shuttle computer software. Thu Aug 31, am. Really Hyperdeck Faw will upgrade the Shuttle to the most recent firmware, that was 2.X. It wii also offer you the Hyoerdeck utility in the computer needed in the event that you gave a Shuttle 2. If it a ver 1 Shuttle, then as Daniel said, give it a go and discover if it nevertheless works. Solid State Disk (SSD) Technology: The ” SSD slot within the HyperDeck Shuttle 2 provides you with blazing-fast rate, low-power consumption and completely silent operation. Now you can get rid of complicated and expensive disk arrays. A single common SSD can rec/5(54). Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle 2 – SSD Field Recorder The Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle Video Recorder documents uncompressed bit HD and SD video as QuickTime files from any SDI- or HDMI-enabled camcorder. The extremely compact recorder accepts a ” SATA solid state drive (sold separately) for data storage.
HyperDeck Shuttle 2
Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle 2
HyperDeck Studio
HyperDeck Studio

The extremely compact recorder takes a 2. by simply bypassing the compression of this digital camera, this allows you to get the highest-quality result feasible from camcorders that typically record video as very compressed HDV, AVCHD, or another comparable codec.

With its uncompressed recording capability, HyperDeck Shuttle 2 shines on those projects which is why even high-bit-rate ProRes and DNxHD codecs are way too squeezed to your requirements. You may be shooting against an eco-friendly display and you’ll have to be in a position to pull the cleanest secret feasible in post, or perhaps you are taking back ground dishes for special results.

Whatever the application, taking to a supremely portable unit with interchangeable news which, with each succeeding generation, will grow in ability as prices drop is about the absolute most elegant option possible for recording uncompressed HD video. Sometimes, but, capability is a problem, and HyperDeck Shuttle 2 offers the alternative of recording high-bit-rate compressed files. For Avid people, it does not get far more convenient than acquiring bit video as the extremely top-notch DNxHD x codec.

HyperDeck Shuttle 2 features both a rechargeable internal Li-ion battery and a 12V DC power feedback which allows one to connect the device into a wall plug for constant power. Additionally it is the greatest option for digital signage. HyperDeck Shuttle is compact, affordable, and electric battery powered, so it’s perfect as a field recorder.

SSDs eliminate time-wasting file copying. Squeezed or Uncompressed Now you possess freedom to operate in both compressed and uncompressed video according to the demands of the project.

Uncompressed video produces the highest-quality, mathematically perfect outcomes and it is ideal when recording video for shade modification, chroma keying, and high-end VFX work.

The favorite Avid DNxHD is a SMPTE standard codec which is used by tens and thousands of broadcast and post-production facilities worldwide, as it preserves exceedingly high little bit video quality utilizing the advantage of smaller file sizes.

Get Anywhere, Record every-where With a tight and intensely sturdy design, HyperDeck Shuttle 2 is machined out of an excellent block of aircraft-grade aluminum. This means you will get a design with all the strength going anywhere.

Take your HyperDeck Shuttle to the industry, on set, to live events, if not in your extreme sport propels. With an interior electric battery, just recharge and go. The possibilities are practically limitless. You don’t have to haul around a computer, due to the fact lightweight HyperDeck Shuttle 2 does it all — and yet meets effortlessly in your backpack.

You may also include HyperDeck Shuttle 2 to your tripod along with your camera. You will get rid of complicated and expensive disk arrays. Just one common SSD can record uncompressed video effortlessly. Detachable cards simply cannot match that form of performance. Without any going components, SSDs are unbelievably powerful and may effortlessly manage bumps and oscillations that would destroy traditional hard drives or videotapes.

It likewise works together with most any deck or monitor. Efficiently plug into monitors or televisions for instant on-set preview.

Use HyperDeck Shuttle 2 once the video playback origin for digital signage methods or switchers. Imagine using HyperDeck Shuttle 2 linked to a live manufacturing switcher for tracking events, and then utilizing it for live playback. HyperDeck Shuttle 2 is so little, you can expect to go on it every-where. You don’t have to reformat or transcode your files, which means you get the maximum benefit efficient Avid workflow. You can also modify right through the SSD without any digitizing or file copying.

Movement graphic artists can align VFX plates in full little bit uncompressed high quality, close to place. SSDs are not much bigger than a credit card, to allow them to be sent any place in a simple immediately shipping envelope. Familiar VTR Feel HyperDeck Shuttle 2 features standard deck-style function buttons, demonstrably marked and simply available along one side, along with LEDs that indicate input signal lock, recording standing, and battery pack standing.

Aided by the inexpensive HyperDeck Shuttle 2 you simply won’t be tying up your expensive VTRs, but you’ll nevertheless be in familiar working territory. In addition, there are Light-emitting Diode indicators for Video showing a valid video input exists , SSD showing reads and writes , and for Battery amount showing four levels of the internal electric battery. Connection supports V. For the past 39 many years, Patel has discovered the changes in innovation and television entertainment compelling sufficient to keep him interested and worked up about what he does.

Tracy enjoys her job, loves her clients, and it is excited to be at Imagecraft. Tracy relocated from a small town in Northern California towards the l . a . area in In her spare time Tracy likes to yard, travel, paint furniture, and play softball.

She also enjoys hanging out with her family. Tracy is especially close to her two young ones, Kourtnee and Brandon, and has now a boxer named Dude. Jason has been in the tv manufacturing business for more than 20 years.

Efren is a created and raised Californian who has been in the activity industry for over fifteen years. Efren has experience working with cameras, lenses, running switcher boards, working as a lighting tech and grip. Efren is fingers on and one on one with clients on a regular basis at Imagecraft.

Nick Casas has been employed in leasing houses for over 10 many years. Nick works alongside his brother Jason Casas and Efren Navarro building, shipping, and obtaining equipment for clients. Nick likes to play tennis and enjoys spending just as much time together with his family members possible. He truly enjoys the fast pace work circulation of a shop and learning about the new innovative equipment. JC loves an excellent game of tennis, shooting guns, playing sluggish pitch softball, fishing, and spending any chance that he gets with family members.

In , Rob moved to l . a . where he started doing independent manufacturing work. In a land where in fact the wicked Emperor K-os reigns, one woman embarks on a journey to revive order, schedules, while the stability of mathematics for anyone associated with land, The Crew.

Meet Lindsay. She could itemize budgets, find large crews, color-coordinate spreadsheets, and adjust a scheduling matrix with the swiftness of a ninja through the shadows. After graduating early, she attempted to hide her abilities and disguised by herself as a mindless PA at a local news section, however the calling had been too powerful and the world needed her. In , she headed to LA looking for a challenge. In , she discovered a period portal that took her to Imagecraft. There she found a properly prepared fight section where she will continue to coordinate her programs.

Will she ever defeat her lifelong nemesis, K-os? Will she discover the enduring strength doing fight with their minions, The Producers? Will she become the hero we want? Now playing in a Burbank leasing house near you. Ben Fuller is initially from small-town Massachusetts, and relocated to LA in to follow acting. That he started at Imagecraft in , and transitioned pretty early from runner to search tech, and right after to shop manager.

I nevertheless maintain open lines of communication with the shop staff, which has evolved a lot since my times when you look at the trenches. Mark Alexander has been doing the TV industry since Mark began his career at B. They have 2 kids and a miniature dachshund named Cool. He really loves wine tasting, plays in a dodge baseball league, and is an enthusiastic audience of history and non-fiction publications. Gene Duggan worked for Imagecraft Productions since Gene started their job within the television manufacturing business in at B.

In the spare time, Gene enjoys hanging out together with partner and two sons and playing golf, softball, and baseball. SSDs eliminate time-wasting file copying squeezed or Uncompressed So now you have the freedom to function both in compressed and uncompressed video depending on the requirements of one’s project.

The favorite Avid DNxHD is a SMPTE standard codec that is used by thousands of broadcast and post-production facilities worldwide, as it preserves extremely high bit video quality with all the benefit of smaller file sizes get everywhere, Record every where With a tight and extremely sturdy design, HyperDeck Shuttle 2 is machined away from a good block of aircraft-grade aluminum.

With no going parts, SSDs are unbelievably powerful and certainly will easily manage bumps and vibrations that will destroy traditional hard disk drives or videotapes Connect to Professional or Consumer Cameras HyperDeck Shuttle 2 is tested to do business with just about any digital camera, whether with interlaced or progressive recording, with SDI or HDMI production.

SSDs aren’t much bigger than a credit card, to enable them to be sent anywhere in a simple instantaneously shipping envelope Familiar VTR Feel HyperDeck Shuttle 2 has standard deck-style function buttons, obviously marked and simply accessible along one part, in addition to LEDs that indicate feedback signal lock, recording standing, and electric battery status.

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