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The Vista S1 – the system for the jetset..Jands Vista S1 Manuals | ManualsLib


Vista L5/I3/S3/S1/E2 Jands Pty Ltd 40 Kent path Mascot NSW Australia Phone+Fax+wwwjandscomau Note: While all due care and attention has-been used the planning of the document, Jands Pty Ltd shall not be accountable for any inaccuracies or omissions which may occur therein Date: 31 October Jands Vista s1 burning console. Church owned. Basically brand-new. It comes with the console just. $ O.B.O. Guides and Consumer Guides for Jands Vista S1. We’ve 1 Jands Vista S1 manual available for free PDF install: consumer Manual.


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Manuals and User Guides for Jands Vista S1. We have 1 Jands Vista S1 manual available for free PDF install: consumer Manual. The Vista S1 is a small and transportable control surface that’s ideal if you’re traveling from show to show, or if perhaps your venue does not require lots of playbacks or features restricted room. Made to be utilized with a laptop, the S1 is a robust and versatile live system that’s small enough to qualify as carry-on ted Reading Time: 30 secs. Vista L5/I3/S3/S1/E2 Jands Pty Ltd 40 Kent Road Mascot NSW Australia Phone+Fax+wwwjandscomau Note: While all due care and attention was used the preparation with this document, Jands Pty Ltd shall perhaps not be liable for any inaccuracies or omissions which might take place therein Date: 31 October
Jands Vista S1
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Vista S1 Control Surface
Vista S1 Control Surface « Jands Australia

This xmas period sees the inside associated with the church awash with imagery, generated by Jason Yang of Invisible Element, based on the xmas story and depicted in colourful visuals reminiscent of stained cup. We use these individually since static pictures on each sidewall to alter the appearance and mood associated with area, and also transpose them in layers to construct a more comprehensive picture, as an example, adding the Wise Men or Angels to the scenic background, which we could also run as a video sequence.

I will then replicate the output several times, having initially removed the foreground detail and edge-blended the back ground imagery, and merge the repeats so they blend seamlessly into a backdrop that fills the room.

It makes the whole thing extremely fast and easy to make use of and I can attain stunning and incredibly different impacts in an exceedingly small amount of time. MediaMaster is an easy option to provide and get a handle on powerful pictures in an impactful means.

Its super-versatile, looks good on entrance, interesting during performance as well as takes care of a few of the design for the room — how else can I cover a ft wide wall with fir and holly therefore quickly and rapidly?

MediaMaster does all of it for you, everything you need is created into the box — simple! Specialized Projects Ltd. Having previously furnished illumination methods for a couple of various other performance places in the Campus, the University approached ACSP to produce methods to satisfy their particular latest studio technical needs. Another consideration was to give you the students that will be operating the equipment, with all the chance to get hands-on knowledge using brands whose items were extensively adopted when you look at the Performing Arts industry.

ACSP decided options through the ProLights lighting range, to deliver outstanding results through the available budget. ACSP specified the award-winning Jands Vista v2 control answer due to its intuitive, visual user interface, as well as the versatility of programming and playback practices it offers.

Vista allows students and educators to concentrate from the imagination and design of their show illumination, rather than complicated lighting programming, by letting the Vista v2 pc software handle the technical details and just deliver the target stage look they might need. This second studio can also be controlled by Jands Vista coupled with a straight smaller, ultra-portable M1 wing attached to a laptop.

Show files may also be seamlessly moved from 1 studio to another, and in addition, the S1 and M1 could be combined to supply a physically larger console for many one-off productions which might need more hands-on control.

Both in studios, Jands Vista provides versatile illumination control to accommodate many different Drama productions, including simple performs to highly animated Dance Shows featuring lighting choreographed to musical figures. The methods are up to date yet very easy to operate by both our Performing Arts staff and their particular students — several of who can be thinking about a technical manufacturing part in the business in future. As is our knowledge working together with ACSP, they once again supplied a high degree of service, and no work ended up being too big or tiny for them.

Getting the 21 inches display designed I could fit my entire rig in one layout and now have everything I needed appropriate right in front of me personally. Understand timing makes it possible for an entire amount of cues, or cuelists, to be caused from a single option press following the sequence was played through when because of the programmer. I found myself creating hundreds of events for even the littlest little inflections in songs, simply because Vista permitted me the time and creative freedom to take action.

Vista has surely created a difference to the final appearance of the show. Along with playing the show back in the L5, Ben used his existing S1 and M1 combo to pre-program the show traditional.

Because of this show, Ben ran the L5 as his master system, with an M1 wing connected for extra on the job control. They’re distinguished if you are an energetic, immersive next generation compliments and worship experience that infuses diverse genres and styles. However, we now have caused it to be feasible for the L5 to get a handle on all of those other building in the event that scenario requires it.

Johns Campus. The Vista range can also be appropriate for different news host solutions. During regular Sunday solutions, Jands triggers nearly all illustrations and video clips that go up on the projection wall and TVs. During unique events and video elements, Pandora runs the visuals and sends LTC Timecode back once again to Jands Vista to trigger lighting cues. The L5 comes utilizing the world-renowned Vista v2 computer software, a program that has been embraced by its developing number of users for being innovative, intuitive, effective and easy to use, all at once.

Songs in many cases are prepared a month beforehand, with illumination and media programming happening weeks prior to the service. Presenting an enormous inch High-Definition TFT display, the L5 offers plenty of area to include and re-arrange windows, making data easy to see and respond to.

The Jands Vista ended up being provided into the Celebration Church by-design company WAVE, which was contracted to create, supervise and install this new lighting effects and speakers. The Vista range includes a range of transportable, versatile control areas and self contained systems all working the same Vista v2 software. To set up a Jands Vista demo or talk about your requirements speak to your nearest supplier.

Or even for additional information and a summary of worldwide Vista users, visit jands. At The O2 arena, London I needed seriously to alter every cue for filming also it only took me a few hours! Nevertheless often i have to arranged more technical sequences. This is how the console actually has unique, allowing us to burrow deep into the detail of a cue.

I will transform an entire rig, and also by modifying a couple of presets I know my show will run as I expect. Rob features used the Jands Vista system since the capability to duplicate and paste events between very different kinds of fixtures in various songs is nothing short of miraculous!

Rob reviews. Every small modification, every minor progress gets me closer to the never achievable dream of brilliance. For Rob, the Jands Vista platform is the sole choice. The added bonus is the help. The popular occasion lured high-profile people and characters through the realm of motorsport.

Within 10 minutes of my preliminary site conference I knew we needed to project on the Farm building itself — it supplied the perfect canvas. Not only this, it seemed stunning and truly put the mood when it comes to evening.

All lighting effects was programmed and managed on a Jands Vista S1 control surface linked to a Computer laptop computer operating the Vista v2 software. Although the content was relatively hassle free, the ease and rate in which the GrassHopper ended up being programmed on site managed to get a tremendously easy put up for us. Regular Vista user Jeff Monuszko programmed the show.

Lighting designer Ian Lyles makes use of a Jands Vista L5 console for the arena, club and theatre suggests that the band play in the usa therefore when that he learned that he will be checking out Australian Continent, Ian made phoning into Jands HQ a priority. Ian ended up being particularly keen to look at Vista M1 and S1 consoles.

I happened to be also intrigued to see if I could operate a bigger show, such as for instance an arena show, on a smaller sized console just like the Vista S1. The job movement is the same in fact you can bounce around between all the Vista systems quite easily. Ian feels the wide range of Vista hardware choices a great benefit offering an extremely versatile, effective and customisable answer, all operating similar reliable computer software.

In terms of adjusting bigger shows day to time, i enjoy the ease of use for cloning and cue editing. The Vista S1 delivers five playbacks, including faders and flash buttons, a whole programming part with three encoder wheels, a rotary master fader, two Liquid Crystal Display shows and lots more to create controlling your show very simple.

This enables Aldo the creative freedom to reflect the nature for the night within the illumination, and circulation naturally utilizing the feeling of the set. Instead non-conventionally, a normal Bocelli tour will feature 2 or 3 shows per week over a three week duration — usually on different continents.

As opposed to touring a production illumination system, lighting equipment is generally employed locally for every show. At each show, Aldo has around different going lights to add into the design. That he discovers this to be incredibly quickly and intuitive, and an actual time-saver. Aldo needed a method which was both effortlessly travelable and affordable, making sure that that he always had the best tools to supply his shows. That he checks the Vista S1 into the jet hold, as the two Vista M1s and laptops come onboard as carry-on baggage.

This way he is able to use his travel time and energy to focus on upcoming shows while on the move. This permits him to set a time and then simply select what that he wants the fixtures to accomplish — whether programmed or completely ad-hoc. Jordan says that the surface of the Vista S1 is especially good with a decent quantity of playback manages for such a small surface. Record Asbury Church Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gallery — click to enlarge. About Jands Lighting Jands have now been designing, building and running lighting effects gear since we made our first dimmer in since that time, our services and products have become a typical feature of burning rigs the whole world over.

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