Kv s1025c.Panasonic KV-S1025C Working Instructions Manual

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Kv s1025c


Specifications.Kv-Sc Scanner Windows 10 Download Driver


Paper Size Min.: ” x ” size. Max.: ” x ” size. Maximum Resolution colors and B&W: to dpi (1dpi action) regular Duty Cycle 1, pages. Color Dropout Red, Green, and Blue. Multi Color Dropout – as much as 3 colors, any shade. Warranty 1-Year Limited Advance Exchange. Software High-Speed USB Up to Mbps transfer rate. Panasonic KV-SC – document scanner – desktop – USB overview and full item specs on : Panasonic. Specifications Model No. KV-SC KV-SC Item exterior proportions x x mm ( x x in.) (Width x Height x level) (When closing the exit tray aided by the stand, with no feed tray) Mass (fat) kg ( lbs.) kg ( lbs.) Page Troubleshooting.


Kv s1025c.KV-SC – PanasonicB2C

KV-SC: Scanning Face: Duplex scanning: Scanning Method: 3-line color CCD: Scanning Resolution: to dpi (1dpi action) Binary Speed* 1 Portrait, dpi Letter Simplex: 26 ppm: Duplex: 52 ipm: A4 Simplex: 25 ppm: Duplex: 50 ipm: colors Speed* 1 Portrait, dpi Letter Simplex: 26 ppm: Duplex: 52 ipm: A4 Simplex: 25 ppm: Duplex: 50 ipm. Paper Size Min.: ” x ” length. Max.: ” x ” size. Maximum Resolution Color and B&W: to dpi (1dpi action) frequent Duty pattern 1, pages. Color Dropout Red, Green, and Blue. Multi Color Dropout – as much as 3 colors, any color. Warranty 1-Year Restricted Advance Exchange. Software High-Speed USB Up to Mbps transfer rate. Panasonic KV-SC – document scanner – desktop computer – USB overview and full product specs on : Panasonic.
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I’ve panasonic KV S2026c scanner. The red-light keeps coming.
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Table Of Contents. Quick Hyperlinks. See also: Reference Manual , Installation Manual. These instructions have informative data on operating the scanner. Before reading these. Table of items. Previous Page. Next Page. KV-SC These directions contain info on running the scanner. Before reading these directions, please browse the Installation Guide enclosed with this particular device.

For Your Security. Phone No. Operation is subject to listed here two conditions: 1 this product may well not trigger harmful interference, and 2 this product must take any disturbance received, including interference which will trigger unwanted procedure.

Webpage 5: For Your Security For Your protection to stop extreme injury and loss of life, read this part carefully before utilizing the product assure appropriate and safe operation of the unit. This area describes the graphic symbols utilized in this manual Denotes a potential danger that may bring about serious damage or death. Danger of electric surprise exists.

Stop operation immediately in the event that product gives off smoke, excessive heat, abnormal smell, or uncommon sound. These conditions trigger fire or electric shock. Instantly change the unit off, and unplug the ability cable, and speak to your dealer for service. To stop fire or shock risk, usually do not reveal this device to rain or any type of moisture.

Usually do not place the device in a hot-humid or dusty environment. Prolonged contact with these adverse conditions could potentially cause fire or electric shock.

Webpage Setting Up The Scanner Setting up the Scanner Setting and removing the feed tray Before with the scanner, follow the tips below to set the feed tray.

Adjust the document guides into the width of A5 paper , and insert the feed tray in to the scanner as shown within the example. Stick to the tips below setting the exit tray.

Start the exit tray. Webpage perfect Installation Installing Software Complete installation All drivers, applications, utilities, and guides is set up at precisely the same time with the total installation.

Turn fully off the power of the scanner. Page Personalized Installation Installing Software Custom installation Each motorist, utility, and manual is installed with the Personalized installation choice, as required.

Switch off the power of the scanner only once setting up Device Driver. Page Application Installation Viewing manuals installed on your computer All manuals installed on your pc can be viewed as follows. To achieve this, stick to the steps under. Setting the event Click [Start], and then click [Control Panel].

Webpage 19 only if one application is selected, that application are launched automatically. The height of all the documents on the tray must certanly be significantly less than 5 mm 0.

Page 22 running Documents Carefully align the documents. Position the documents on the feed tray using the part is scanned facing down. Remove the jammed sheet based on listed here directions. The scanning glass area is quite hot. Close the ADF home. This blended batch card guide prevents a card from skewing when scanning mixed paper documents and a card simultaneously. Setting up the blended group card guide Install the combined group card guide as shown within the after example.

Change the energy off. Power switch wash the covers with a soft fabric. Washing the rollers Proceed with the steps below to wash the rollers. Webpage 29 Cleaning the Unit utilize the Roller Cleaning Paper to completely clean the surface of the conveyor rollers and exit rollers. Cleaning the scanning glass section and reference area Turn the power down. If double feeding or report jam happens frequently even with washing the roller See web page 27 , please call your dealer to order a “Roller exchange kit KV-SS “, and replace the double feed prevention roller, and paper feed webpage 32 Replacing Consumables take away the double-feed prevention roller in direction of the arrow shown within the example.

Install the newest double-feed prevention roller in to the metal owner because of the longer groove facing to your right-side rear-view.

Start the paper feed roller cover Green within the course for the arrow shown within the illustration. Get rid of the paper feed roller. Page 34 Replacing Consumables Close the paper feed roller cover Green firmly.

Webpage Removing The Stand Removing the Stand The scanner can be utilized with no stand with regards to the running conditions. Stick to the measures below to remove the stand from the scanner. Removing the stand Stand position the scanner on a much surface as shown in the example, after which loosen the two screws counterclockwise. If you wish to transport or ship your scanner, kindly follow these directions.

Webpage Specifications Specifications Model No. circumference x level x Depth When closing the exit tray with all the stand, minus the feed tray Mass body weight 4.

Webpage Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If a problem takes place whilst the product will be used, check out the following things, and look the scanner condition because of the User Utility. If the unit still malfunctions, change it OFF, unplug the AC adaptor from the scanner, and require service.

Symptom potential Cause treatment The documents feed better when all problems take place often, or perhaps the edges are aligned slantwise See the scanner stops feeding pages 21 to The height of all documents The height of the many documents in the exceeds the limitation. Cleanse the scanning glass area from the scanned documents. See page Scanned picture has moire it really is brought on by the printing design of replace the quality, and attempt to scan fringes such stripe or a the document as well as the congeniality of Acceptable cards.

This manual can be suited to: Kv-sc. Print page 1 Print document 44 pages. Cancel Delete. Check In OR. Don’t possess a free account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from Address.

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