Line 6 tone interface ux8.Line 6 toneport UX8

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Line 6 tone slot ux8


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Oct 01,  · The UX8, like every TonePort device, works together the included GearBox pc software as an integrated hardware/software system, making everything you record noise amazing. Furthermore, TonePort UX8 features Line 6’s special ToneDirect Monitoring, which allows you to hear your GearBox-processed signal instantaneously, offering unmatched responsiveness while you ted Reading Time: 7 mins. Mar 03,  · TonePort UX8 Overview | Line 6 – YouTube TonePort UX8 is no longer in manufacturing. Kindly discover POD Studio UX2 at UX8 gives discerning . TonePort UX8 is the sole USB sound software that combines the powerful tone-shaping mojo of Line 6’s recommended POD Farm Platinum software”the same tone engine used by POD”with tracking inputs for 8 multiple channels of studio-quality bit/96 kHz audio.4/5(11).


Line 6 tone interface ux8.Line 6 toneport UX8 |

TonePort UX8 is the actual only real USB sound user interface that combines the powerful tone-shaping mojo of Line 6’s recommended POD Farm Platinum software”the same tone engine employed by POD”with recording inputs for 8 multiple channels of studio-quality bit/96 kHz audio. Mar 03,  · TonePort UX8 Overview | Line 6 – YouTube TonePort UX8 is not any longer in production. Kindly discover POD Studio UX2 at UX8 gives discerning . 26 rows · Line 6 Toneport UX8. Aaron’s Shop. APO, AE, United States. 2. $ $ +$30Shipping. $20 price Brand: Line 6.
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Designed to satisfy this need, Line 6’s brand-new TonePort UX8 is the latest in progressively more reasonably-priced 8-channel interfaces from various manufacturers but, unique among them, it offers a nice technique up its USB The UX8 is a 2U rackmountable package with controls from the front panel and all sorts of the connections round the back barring a pair of tool inputs and a pair of headphone sockets that have been logically placed on the front right where you can get at them easiest.

Phantom power is applied through the forward panel by two switches that turn it on universally for channels and Every station has an XLR mic plug and a quarter-inch jack-line input, with channels 1 and 2 having those additional Hi-Z instrument inputs each of which has an extra pad switch to accommodate different guitar pickup kinds. Back-panel sockets for a set of footswitches and a manifestation pedal allow switching and controlling the GearBox software or control features for your recording pc software.

Front-panel knobs control alert amounts from the designated primary stereo outputs as well as the two headphone outputs while the inner routing of signals to these and the main VU meters can be occur a computer software control interface.

Moreover it features different useful services for guitarists – besides the obligatory tuner there is a term instructor, which you can load and loop sound from hard disk drive, CD or web for full or half-speed playback.

For practice use there’s also an eight-step programmable drum device with kick, snare and hi-hat sounds or a plain metronome. Regardless of the GearBox pc software, the UX8 does the company as an audio interface for any noise. An individual program is logically laid out with the amp controls on display plus the results as a series of colourful pedals.

You can find a lot of categorised presets offered to call up the kind of sound you need and modifying is very easily implemented by mouse whether swapping effects or amp types or tweaking some of the adjustable parameters. Typically when tracking electric guitar making use of computer-based amp modelling, the modelling computer software will be placed into the tracking track as a plug-in with only the dry noise really recorded – allowing a range of plug-ins at the blend stage.

The plug-in noise you are using while recording may well not turn out to be the one you use for the track but it’s the sound you’ll monitor while playing and, with the round-trip through the pc, may well be heard with a slight wait as a result of latency.

On the other hand, when utilizing a hardware amp simulator, you can create monitoring with no latency wait but you will be recording the total amp-simulated noise with less option for subsequent changes. The ToneDirect system as implemented in the UX8 actually gives the finest of both worlds.

Due to the method the GearBox computer software interacts with the UX8, you’re able to monitor the full-on amp and effects sound with imperceptible latency delay. What this means is your time defintely won’t be affected while benefiting from computer software routing options that allow recording of this full noise, or the amp-simulated noise with no ambient or modulation effects. By arming an extra recording track you could also simultaneously record the dry electric guitar noise upping your variety of options at mixdown.

It’s fair to express that Line 6 are concentrating on this device at recordists that are primarily musicians – or who record lots of guitars – plus they appear to have squarely hit the mark. But if electric guitar plays a huge component in the music you record, the UX8 will give you you with the vast majority of the amp and effects shades you’re likely to need and a totally painless option to record them.

MusicRadar The No. Home Reviews. Our Verdict The ideal multi-channel recording interface for guitarists, with a lot of amp and effects shades. Pros ideal for recording guitar. Disadvantages Maybe not the very best answer for non-guitarists.

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