M-audio mtrack eight.Review: M-Audio M-Track Eight

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M-audio mtrack eight


Frequently Requested Questions.Review: M-Audio M-Track Eight :


Jan 14,  · M-Audio has been making sound interfaces for many years, and the M-Track Eight is the largest person in the M-Track family. It’s 1U rack mountable, which veterans will remember just about everything from synths to effects used to be, and seems precisely bomb-proof in its metal ted Reading Time: 4 mins. M-Track Eight links to your pc via USB and easily combines into your studio having its standard 1U 19” rack size. With a single USB cable, M-Track Eight creates a two-way audio reference to your Mac or PC, helping you to record directly into your favorite DAW or playback audio to mix and learn your tracks/5(61). Jul 08,  · M-Audio M-Track Eight is a totally free program that allows you to definitely configure and manage the M-Track Eight device. It permits you to keep track of big songs ensembles, record the band, or mic a complete drum set with pro-grade audio components and a myriad of connections/5(5).


M-audio mtrack eight.M-Audio M-Track Eight – faq’s

The M-Track Eight from M-Audio is an 8-input USB audio interface that is designed for recording top-notch audio in your home or expert studio. Eight combo XLR+1/4″ inputs satisfy a variety of resources, from phantom-powered microphones, to guitars, to : M-Audio. Cumberland, R.I. (January 22, ) – Adding to the M-Track interface line, which include MTrack, M-Track Plus, and M-Track Quad, M-Audio features now launched M-Track Eight, an eightchannel, bit USB audio interface designed for expanded recording abilities with an ultralow- noise signal path, dB SNR, and zero-latency monitoring. M-Track Eight functions pristine and accurate sound recording with up to bit/96 kHz resolution. Each feedback station comes with a high-headroom input which includes M-Audio’s sought-after Octane Preamp Technology. The result is a robust signal path for clean, professional sound.4/5(3).
M-Audio M-Track Eight Review
M-Track Eight
M-Audio M-Track Eight Review | MusicTech


Sometimes you’ll need to trace all your valuable equipment at the same time. A lot of the audio interfaces that have introduced are little and compact, with just two or four simultaneous inputs. For many people it is good, because whilst you may have a lot of tracks in a project you simply ever need certainly to record something at any one time. Someplace at the center are a sizeable amount of manufacturers whom need more channels than a portable box offers, but not enough to justify bolting DI boxes towards the studio walls.

M-Audio happens to be making sound interfaces for quite some time, plus the M-Track Eight is the greatest member of the M-Track household. You might link the outs of a mixing desk to it, as an example, or line up a few synths, singing, guitar or drum mics or indeed a complete multitracked drum kit. Six associated with inputs are on the trunk but two are on the leading for easier access, so you can whack in a guitar or bass. Each feedback station has its own gain control and level display, while the first two also have a guitar switch to adjust all of them for obtaining direct instrument input.

Furthermore, each feedback comes with dedicated line-input circuitry, which means you can capture and track with additional preamps. Phone Home Around are two headphone outputs in the front panel, each with separate level controls, and they are switchable to monitor different resources for more versatile blending and tracking.

Flexible production routing allows you to send indicators to outboard equipment or analogue mixers for summing or processing. There are also Mono and Dim buttons in the forward panel in addition to a large monitor degree knob. The M-Track Eight is very well engineered and feels like a critical bit of kit. In use it performed excellently, acquiring every thing we subjected to it with crystal clarity.

As a plus it includes a pretty good complement of computer software too. For anybody on the market who needs to record multiple paths at once oreven simply wants to keep a lot of stuff wired in completely, the M-Track Eight is a superb performer that will become the bridge betwixt your microphones and music hardware along with your software recording environment. The additional software you get is a fantastic bonus, too.

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