Mackie 3204-vlz3.Mackie 3204-VLZ3

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Mackie 3204-vlz3


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Jul 09,  · Ron Simonson of CCI Solutions offers an in-depth summary of the Mackie VLZ3 channel Mackie VLZ3 co. The Mackie VLZ3FX channel mixer combines VLZ3 low-noise, high-headroom innovation with increased channel matter and superior processing that is ideal for real-world live gigs. In addition includes Tracktion 3 songs manufacturing : Mackie. My Mackie. If you were to think there is certainly a problem, need to contact support, get the most recent updates, or manage your permits, you will want to Register your Mackie product very first.


Mackie 3204-vlz3.Mackie VLZ3 | Audio Video Supply

station 4-bus mixer with proven VLZ3 low-noise, high-headroom design, FX, and much more. MackieVLZ3&VLZBusFXMixersw/USB The Mackie VLZ3FX channel mixer blends VLZ3 low-noise, high-headroom innovation with additional station matter and superior processing that’s ideal for real-world live gigs. In addition it include Show More. My Mackie. If you think there is a challenge, have to contact help, obtain the latest updates, or manage your permits, you’ll want to Register your Mackie product first. Mackie VLZ3 Superior Channel FX Mixer with USB Soundcraft LX7ii 32 Professional Channel Mixer system Mackie ProFX16v3 Channel Unpowered Mixer USB Bundle with Pro Tools, Waveform DAW, 4x Mophead leg TRS Cable, 4x Foot XLR Cable, 2x 1/4″ to mm Adapter, 10x Cable Ties and Microfiber Cloth/5().

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Determine your sound, create your mix and capture the whole show aided by the VLZ3. Optimized 3-Band EQ great resources moved into optimizing the center points of the channel EQ, providing VLZ3 mixers practical helpful equalization, offering not just sonic improvement and modification, but in addition the tone-shaping facility to really improve music nature of the initial sign.

More Headroom and Less Distortion High headroom and low noise have always been hallmarks of Mackie mixers. We mix all signals when you look at the summing amp at -6dB, for a lot of headroom straight away.

Then we add 6dB of gain to the standard 10dB found when you look at the fader gain stage. The web result is the capacity to combine much more hot signals without distortion. Actually, really good. Dedicated In-Line Compressors Compressors are a crucial tool both for live sound and recording. The VLZ3 features eight dedicated in-line compressors, delivering easy, sweet dynamic control because of the single twist of a knob. Make use of the compressors on channels for the vital vocals and tools.

Addititionally there is a compressor on each one of the four subgroups, that will be great for compressing common groups like drums for live or recording applications. Aux Sends with Inserts The VLZ3 houses six separate aux sends, perfect for numerous standard live and recording applications.

And to top it well and unlike the vast majority of your competition , every aux submit features a TRS place, allowing you to hook-up a band visual EQ for every of your monitor mixes.

Ideal for recording and archiving great live shows, real multi-track outputs deliver real flexibility in post-production in order to develop an important mix rather than becoming stuck using the exact stereo feed through the show. With flexible routing, you can also route your favorite DAW plug-in and use it live.

In the end, it could get pretty crowded up at front of house…why mess with large panels having a lot of unneeded real estate? Just have a look at this cool video of their small brother, the VLZ3. There’s absolutely no doubt that Mackie boards are road worthy, willing to use the misuse that could just destroy your competition. Mackie VLZ3.

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