Tascam m 164uf.TASCAM – 16-Channel Mixer w/ Effects and USB 2.0 (M-164UF)

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Tascam m 164uf


SOUND ON SOUND.TASCAM MUF 16 Channel USB Mixer with Effects


Overview AK-DR11 AK-DR70C BP-6AA DA Control for iPad DR Control IF-E PS-PE PS-PU RC RC-1F RC RC-3F RC RC-SS RC-SS20 RC-W SS Control Tascam DCP Connect Tascam EZ Connect Tascam MX Connect WS With six mic preamps and an overall total of 10 line‑level inputs, Tascam’s M series is transportable enough for live band or other area recordings, and versatile enough for small studio recordings with a drum kit, a miked-up guitar stack, a few stereo synths, and vocals. channel mixer with effects and USB interface. MUF. The M series is a lineup of affordable mixers for live groups, home recording or installation.


Tascam m 164uf.TASCAM – Channel Mixer w/ impacts and USB (MUF) –

The feedback Tascam MUF mixer has 6 mic inputs with XLR ins and phantom power for great-sounding tracks. Mic inputs also have 3-band EQ with hi-pass filters for sculpting the combine. 5 stereo line inputs bring the full total matter to 16 inputs, and lots of channels include EQ and RIAA phono preamps for added flexibility. The Tascam MUF is a superb basic level mixer when it comes to price, however the shell does seem a little thin, as well as the included Cubase LE4 software is simply worthless, I happened to be already making use of Acid Pro, and also haven’t had any features great tone controls, some good results which could supply helpful to some people, but would not maintain a good recording environment, and may even actually be in the way/5. The Tascam MUF is both a great station mixer (two are reserved for effects return) as well as a USB program which will capture as much as 10 stations simultaneously to your pc (the others 6 are set aside when it comes to two mono AUXes and stereo out and sub out).
TASCAM M164UF 16 Channel USB Mixer with Impacts
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Please choose design choices. Write a Review. Have concerns, found an improved price? Speak with a sales professional! Product Highlights. A strong and inexpensive mixer for live groups, home recording or installation.

Mic inputs also have 3-band EQ with hipass filters for sculpting the mix. Five stereo line inputs bring the total matter to 16 inputs, and lots of stations add EQ and RIAA phono preamps for including flexibility.

This mixer takes full advantage of having two result busses main and sub along with a pair of aux sends for monitors and effects. The MUF utilizes an unbelievable stereo effects processor with 16 programs of reverb, wait, chorus as well as other great-sounding effects.

The program has got the highest channel count of any mixer, enabling all 16 inputs become recorded with their own track in your pc recording software. Customer Reviews. Show all reviews. Recommend to a buddy? Verified Buyer:. United States Musical Supply. Footer Hyperlinks Client Service Assistance. All legal rights reserved. Personal media links facebook starts a new screen. Contact us:

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