Vatech ez sensor.Vatech EzSensor Classic Installation & consumer Manual

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Vatech ez sensor


Remarkable Image high quality.Vatech EzSensor Calibration File place – just how to believe it is


Feb 04,  · Click on the Sensor option through the left-hand selection. Double click on Vatech EzSensor under Digital X-ray Sensor Settings. Click on the unit options loss; Use the following guidelines to set the Image Processing Mode while the Binning Mode: When it comes to Vatech EzSensor: Image Processing Mode – IP Binning Mode – 1; For the Vatech EzSensor HD. The VATECH direct-USB sensor is ultra-portable making it an inexpensive option for multiple operatories. Because it’s hot-swappable with no adaptive product needed, the sensor could easily be moved from area to room without disrupting workflow. View and Download Vatech EzSensor installation & user manual online. Digital X-Ray Intraoral Sensor Program newest CMOS Technology USB EzSensor medical gear pdf manual install.


Vatech ez sensor.EZ Sensor Traditional, EZ Dent-I, Ez Codi Dental Software | Intra dental detectors

Obtaining Image step one The Acquisition loss allows an individual to capture/store images utilizing the IO Sensor. Step 2 click on the [IO Sensor] button in the purchase tab. Once the IO sensor is connected, the layout can change based on the selected device. Webpage 52 step three click on the [Ready] button after positioning the patient. If the IO Sensor. Feb 04,  · Click in the Sensor option from the left-hand selection. Double click Vatech EzSensor under Digital X-ray Sensor Settings. Click the product options tab; Make use of the following guidelines to set the Image Processing Mode while the Binning Mode: When it comes to Vatech EzSensor: Image Processing Mode – IP Binning Mode – 1; For the Vatech EzSensor HD. The VATECH direct-USB sensor is ultra-portable which makes it an inexpensive solution for multiple operatories. Because it’s hot-swappable with no transformative unit needed, the sensor can easily be relocated from area to area without disrupting workflow.
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Table Of Contents. Dining table of items. Previous Webpage. Next Page. Webpage 2 Attention For improvement of item performance, supplementation, or follow-up of information, the articles for this manual are susceptible to change without prior notice. Please note that our business have no duty for accidental damage nor be obligated to do warranty service for just about any harm to gear as a result of user error, which can be a result to properly proceed with the contents of this manual..

Page 3 Before each use, check out the outer area of this EzSensor for almost any indications of real damage or defect. The top of EzSensor must have a smooth finish, with no proof chipping or damage. Page 4 Indicates to the user to check the associated documents this User Guide for lots more information on EzSensor.

Webpage 5: dining table Of Contents Installation of the EzSensor Holder Installation of EasyDent V Image Acquisition with EzSensor Webpage 6: Introduction The EzSensor includes a detachable owner that may be mounted to a wall or any other steady surface. EzSensor will come in two sizes 1. Size 1. webpage 7 1. Page 8: System Components 1. Introduction 1. System Components The EzSensor device installer should check out the after things listed in the table below before system installation.

If the serial variety of the in-patient components usually do not match, usually do not install the system and contact your local supplier or agent for assistance. Webpage 9 1. Introduction 2. webpage 10 1. Introduction 6. Page Cone Indicator Optional 1. Cone signal Optional The cone indicator is an intraoral positioning device specifically made to guide and align the sensor utilizing the X-ray origin when positioning along the top or lower jaw. Please relate to the appendix for more information.

Hardware Installation 2. Specifications We cannot guarantee that EasyDent V4 works precisely with an unregistered backup of Microsoft Windows. Consequently, you need to use registered, genuine type of Microsoft Windows. Webpage 13 2. Calibration data for the EzSensor should be set up along with the Windows unit motorist. Webpage 14 2. move 4 The Installshield Wizard will start configuring the installation variables you’ve chosen.

Be sure to link the EzSensor component to your control package before linking the USB cable to your personal computer. Page 16 2. Page 17 2. Webpage 18 Confirmation of Driver installation during the unit Manager. Webpage 19 2. Hardware Installation whenever choosing where you can install the EzSensor, find an area which provides quick access and exposure during patient evaluation. Webpage Software Setup And Usage 3. Software Setup and Usage 3.

Setup should begin automatically. Page 22 3. Software Setup and Usage Step 3 organizing the installation. Page 23 3. Software Setup and use action 5 find the setup type that most readily useful suits your preferences. Page 24 3. Software Setup and Usage action 7 Now you are prepared to install.

Step 8 Installing EasyDent V4. Page 25 3. Put a new throwaway address from the EzSensor. Webpage Running The Easydent V4 3. Running the EasyDent V4 3. Run EasyDent V4.

Page 28 3. Webpage 29 3. Software Setup and Usage Step 2 choose your capture product. Webpage 30 3. Page 31 3. The image can look after optimization is full. Webpage 32 3. The device gets prepared to acquire an X-ray picture. Page 33 3. Step 4 Expose the X-ray once more for a subsequent chance.

Page 34 3. Step 6 mouse click and pull the picture to its appropriate position. Page 35 3. Page repair USB cable or even the sensor cable connections. After cleaning the area associated with the EzSensor, use a clean lint-free cloth to dry the system, as needed, before the surface is clean.

Webpage Appendix Appendix Appendix 1. The area of the LED lights is shown when you look at the following example and explained in Table 3. webpage 40 Appendix The X-ray dosage required for image purchase can differ with respect to the X- ray resource and ecological situations. You must take care of the exposure time and replace the kVp and mA values relating to the sign amount. In inclusion, in the event that X-ray source and the distance towards the sensor had been altered throughout the initial installation, the length from cone to sensor should be altered into the 80mm setting.

Page 41 Appendix How to enhance the publicity problems? Position the EzSensor and the X-ray source, as shown below. The length between the cone in addition to sensor must certanly be 80mm 8cm.

Please align the X-ray source over the sensor. Distance: 80mm 8cm from cone to detector 2. webpage mistake Code Appendix 3. Error Code 1. check always link. Page 44 9. Contact Customer Service. Page 45 Appendix DLL’ ended up being damaged. Webpage Troubleshooting Appendix 4. Troubleshooting just in case you encounter any problems concerning the EzSensor system during procedure, please relate to the troubleshooting dining table below for corrective activities. Page 47 Appendix 4.

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