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Versaport™ V² Trocars.: United States Audio Versa Port Soundcard: Musical Instruments


Explanation The Versaport is a superb way to transform any analog signal into digital data. This easy-to-use audio interface connects right to your personal computer by its USB link. Record sound with your computers built-in audio recorder or your chosen audio production software. The American Audio Versa Port is an excellent option to convert any analog signal into CD-ready digital data. It’s GigaPort technology, which aids ASIO , allows it to work well with either PC or Mac. This easy-to-use audio interface connects directly to your pc via USB and provides bit/48kHz AD/DA conversion.5/5(1). NB11STF (Versaport™) ONB11STF (Versaport™) PF (Visiport™) P (Versaport™) VSP (VersaStep™) XCEL® B11LTH (handled, stability) no direct equivalent Dilating Tip mm XCEL® D11LT* (stability) PF (Versaport™) P (Versaport™) P (Versaport™) (Versaport™) *Compatible with universal sleeve.


Versaport.Versaport – 4×4 Soundcard with Mic, Headphone, degree

The American Audio Versa Port is a great solution to convert any analog signal into CD-ready digital data. It’s GigaPort technology, which aids ASIO , allows it to work well with either Computer or Mac. This easy-to-use audio interface connects right to your pc via USB and offers bit/48kHz AD/DA transformation.5/5(1). AccessGUDID – Versaport ()- Bladeless Optical Trocar with Fixation Cannula. Explanation The Versaport is a great way to transform any analog sign into digital data. This easy-to-use audio interface connects right to your personal computer by its USB connection. Record audio with your computers integral audio recorder or your favorite sound manufacturing software.
VersaPort™ 2200 SMIF-Compatible Burden Port
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VersaPort™ SMIF-Compatible Load Port | Brooks Automation

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No realignment is required after installation. IR based reflective sensor offers excessive wafer protrusion sensing, detects wafers beyond re-seat capacity, and engages emergency stop and brake. Integrated self-test diagnosis is roofed, and advanced diagnostic application is designed for easy design-in and trouble shooting.

an automated horizontal cassette shuttle option allows wafer alignment to mm standards and provides centerline positioning for adaptation to tool-side automation.

Semiconductor Featured Product. Wafer Handling Robotics. In addition, the MagnaTran leverages proven SCARA supply technology to supply sub 4 second quick swaps within a tiny containment diameter.

Wafer Handling Techniques. Marathon 2 Transport Program Brooks advanced cleaner wafer transport innovation is preferably fitted to tool automation applications in semiconductor wafer handling along with other complex manufacturing surroundings.

You can expect a range of systems—available in numerous configurations for mm to mm wafer transport—that meet specific production environment and procedure requirements. Jet Atmospheric Transport System Jet, the core atmospheric automation subsystem for several Brooks wafer handling systems, is the first EFEM designed at the system level, enabling consumers to create process tools around a typical core.

Jet features a flexible, modular structure predicated on industry standards allow quick set-up, reduced period times, and seamless integration with existing fab gear and operations. Factory Automation Solutions. Spartan Sorters This unified wafer management system makes use of the minimum scale and complexity required to accomplish its core task — to move wafers as cleanly so when quickly as possible.

Supplies enhanced reliability and maximized effectiveness, while delivering industry-leading hygiene using the least expensive particle levels. IsoPort burden Port definitely configurable, automated wafer-handling solution effortlessly integrates with any device. Many sophisticated advantages for both equipment makers and chipmakers transitioning to mm wafers.

Vision Load Port The Vision load interface component is the newest generation of load interface modules from Brooks. Its an intelligent and flexible factory interface module for mm and mm device automation. Unlike LPMs that need substantial lead time for set-up and integration, the Vision load slot module is designed for maximum interoperability, seamless interchangeability, and ease of configuration.

Slim Reticle Indexer Improves effectiveness of reticle inventories. Shields reticles from numerous resources of particulate contamination and airborne molecular contamination, while offering a standard user interface to photolithography tools. Featured Product. In manual mode, various types of reticle or wafer carriers is cleaned. It achieves unsurpassed cleaning and drying results. The reticle box ID is identified plus the information file is logged within the database.

Reticle Storing. RS Bare Reticle Stocker Family The RS family members provides a totally computerized reticle management system that integrates a sorter with a stocker capability as much as reticles. RX Reticle Stocker and Carrier Buffer The RX household is an innovative mix of reticle stocker and carrier buffer for handling the reticles for the fab. About Brooks Brooks Automation, Inc.

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