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Viewcast osprey


Osprey® AHCA-2Analog to HDMI Converter.Drivers | Osprey Video


ViewCast is proud to present the latest cutting-edge inclusion to your Osprey® PCIe® family members: the Osprey e 4-Channel professional analog video capture card, featuring legendary Osprey high quality when it comes to most recent PC architectures. Developed especially for the awesome high-speed PCI Express® coach. Think performance! Osprey Video e HD SDI Video Capture Card. 6 supplies from $1, Osprey e HD video capture card. $1, following page. Have actually a concern? Find answers in item resources, Q&As, reviews There was difficulty doing your demand. Please decide to try your search once again later/5(3). 8xx Series X64 Ubuntu LTS Raptor Series X64 Ubuntu, RedHat, openSUSE. e, age, e, age Ubuntu , Kernel (Kernel Labs variation).


Viewcast osprey.ViewCast Osprey age – video capture adapter – PCIe specifications – CNET

Osprey Video ASIN BL17GMW Item model quantity client Reviews: away from 5 stars 3 rankings. out of 5 performers Best Sellers Rank number 1, in Internal television Tuner & Video Capture Cards: Is stopped By Manufacturer No Date First Available December 11, Warranty & Support5/5(3). ViewCast Osprey e – video capture adapter – PCIe overview and full item specifications on CNET. Osprey ® and Simulstream are subscribed trademarks of ViewCast Corporation. Microsoft, Windows ® XP, NetMeeting ®, NetShow, and Video for Windows are trademarks or subscribed trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
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ViewCast OSPREY 240E User Manual

Viewcast Ospreye Capture Card – VideoHelp

Table Of Contents. Quick Links Install this manual. Dining table of articles. Previous Webpage. Next Page. Page 4 YUV format details Page 5 bad video quality in particular framework dimensions This user guide provides detailed directions for installing and using your brand-new video capture card.

When it comes to newest ViewCast product information and development, visit our website at www. Webpage Personalized Installing Avstream You move a board from 1 slot to another, or if perhaps you add another board of the same type. As an example, you may have an Osprey e when you look at the device, and would like to include another Osprey e. In cases like this, the next sequence starts.

Exchange the computer address. Connect in and switch the pc on. Page 12 Mouse Click Finish. The Digital Signature Not Discovered window displays. This window shows once for every single Osprey board you’re setting up. The Techniques Setting Change screen shows. Click Finish and click Yes to restart the device now Figure 3. Figure 3. Page Setting Driver qualities 4.

Page Ospreyconfig’s Initial handling Sequence In this instance, the computer being used features one card and four gadgets. The card usually takes an individual input and stream the information differently, for example, you need to use a few bit prices, sizes, and formats. Page 15 Figure 6 shows the consumer interface that appears when you select a filter. Figure 6. Selecting a tool for setup ViewCast Figure 7.

Control utilized to open the properties web page ViewCast If you have different Osprey cards, they could nevertheless coexist on your personal computer, nevertheless they use an individual type of the motorists given the card. You need the driver version for video capture cards you use.

Some of the 4. Examples include brightness, comparison, hue, saturation, and sharpness. They exist for people with increased amount of technical expertise. You can just disregard them and use the house tabs as discussed in this manual. Page Input Tab The controls from the Input tab associated with the motorist properties card have actually an international impact on the Osprey capture card on which they reside.

When you yourself have numerous Osprey cards, and you wish to make global changes, you need to result in the change on each card. Click OK to just accept the options. Cancel Click Cancel to reject the options and shut the window. Apply Click Utilize to put on the settings. Assist Click Help to access the consumer guide. Figure Osprey e card with optional plug-in ViewCast In this instance, the Video feedback control shows simply the one input for each station, which will be chosen automatically.

Webpage Video Standard if you’re changing from a line standard to a line standard as well as your video is larger than the most size for the line structure, video will not restart until such time you adjust the video size to an allowed price. Video traditional drop-down list ViewCast This control is for real monochrome devices, without color capacity. Notch Kill monochrome input resources are unusual these days, but some do occur. For instance, you might stream black-and-white historical movie in a documentary movie.

Webpage Videocheck The horizontal slider moves the horizontal cursor — the vertical range on the luma display. The info displayed at the reduced right — IRE-L, etc — is for the pixel chosen by the horizontal cursor. Also, from the ViewCast Page Vbigraph — you can observe if the necessary signal will there be after all, if it is in spec, and which line it really is on. The controls find the industry and range becoming shown. The sole time you’ll need the revision option is when you switch between line and line video standards.

VbiGraph ViewCast Page 29 whenever you change the video standard or feedback you simply won’t see alterations in the slider controls — such the Hue key becoming disabled — through to the driver properties dialog is shut and re-entered. Webpage 31 This field is a DirectShow feature which is not implemented. Horizontal Sets the horizontal mode for the result.

Horizontal wait The horizontal delay control moves the video horizontally when you look at the capture or preview frame. Webpage Horizontal structure On some methods, for factors outside for this driver, x video renders on screen a lot faster than x video — that is, the rate huge difference is a lot more than the ratio of variety of pixels. Some broadcast video also makes use of additional top line sets for ancillary information. Page supply Width In Post-Processing Mode, this procedure is often better with regards to handling than a crop operation.

These are generally updated when you click Apply. Modifications to the control simply take effect only if you stop and restart all video streams. You have to end all channels before you restart any.

Page Filters Tab Presently Using The read-only signs permit you to start to see the present algorithm. Webpage Simulstream Each stream may have different size, color structure, frame rate, crop, logo, and captioning. It’s possible to have multiple video capture streams in a single application, or multiple applications each with more than one capture channels. The check package at the top of the group turns on SimulStream for the presently selected product. The type of text below the check box will verify whether a SimulStream license is set up on the system, whether SimulStream is enabled or disabled, if enabled, if it is enabled in licensed or evaluation mode.

Page 41 later on, when you choose one of many four filters as the capture filter, the Osprey custom crop, logo, and caption settings previously set for the filter is chosen instantly. This setting affects all devices offered by the currently accessed motorist. The motorist encourages one to restart the system or the job if required. Video sharpness will undoubtedly be superior. Page 43 therefore desirable to detect which portions of the picture are, and which portions have been in movement.

Deinterlacing is used only to areas where movement is recognized, while full detail is preserved in nevertheless areas. Webpage Currently making use of Team Cine Phase display which of buttons 1 through 5 is green just isn’t significant — the actual only real significant fact is that stage shifts are happening. When the sequence relocks, all period buttons are similarly right.

Webpage Adaptive Deinterlace Window Both algorithms treat still places areas that are not green in Test Mode the same way, and there must be no lack of detail in still areas. Webpage 46 2-Frame or 3-Frame algorithm for movement Adaptive fallback.

Most applications aren’t impacted by video processing latency. For applications where you will need to decrease latency, the single primary action is to set deinterlacing mode to Off or to ViewCast Page 47 In the event that content structure is a quickly altering mixture of telecine and video, or perhaps is all video, or perhaps is of unknown type, the Motion transformative setting gives more consistent outcomes. The quality of telecine sequences isn’t the most effective, but there aren’t any instances of frames maybe not deinterlaced after all due to telecine re-locking.

Page Device Tab The motorist shows the minimum number of video capture buffers Requested had a need to allocate for appropriate operation. Logging Extras … mouse click this switch to show the Extras dialog box see Extras. Product Info … Page No-Video Test Pattern The buffer then circulates towards the driver becoming filled with video once more. If the client holds on to numerous buffers at once, there may be no empty buffers open to the motorist and frames are dropped.

The solution is always to allocate a larger quantity of buffers. Page Diagnostic Logging Click Default to go back to the default settings. Diagnostic logging when you yourself have difficulty and contact ViewCast Support, they might request you offer a diagnostic log through the system this is certainly showing the situation. This control group creates logging. Page 51 Figure Typical area of data ViewCast usually assists explanation of diagnostic logs just in mention of the particular issues raised with ViewCast help.

The meaning of several of the wood entries will likely be obvious to a skilled user, though. Page Device Info as an example, in something with four panels you may want the board ordered from left to right or top to base of the framework. Whenever you click Board Numbering from the Device property web page opens a dialog for renumbering the panels see Figure Page 53 when you’ve got set the newest board numbers and want to save them, click OK.

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