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Feb 05,  · The Xone:2D is a Professional Digital Music software featuring a combination 9, stereo channel (on RCA phono/line and XLR MIC connections), 96kHz/bit USB soundcard and MIDI controller. For most useful results, a Xone:2D can be combined with any multi-channel analogue DJ mixer. The Xone:2D is a variety of a 9 stereo channel USB soundcard and MIDI controller, which DJs can match their particular current analogue mixer to create a whole Digital DJ blending system, perfect for integration with DJ pc software such as for example Ableton Live and Traktor DJ Studio. Winner of DJMag’s “Best Standalone Computer Interface” ( DJ Tech Awards), the Allen & Heath Xone:2D is a mix of a 9-stereo-channel, USB soundcard and MIDI controller, which DJ’s can combine with their existing analog mixer to generate a whole Digital DJ blending system.5/5(1).


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Description This Xone:2D Multi Channel DJ Controller is a good tool for any DJ! This product is compatible with any Computer and it also features a robust soundcard, 87 mappable MIDI control messages, and much more! This device is in good condition, there are a few indications of minor wear and tear (see pictures). Winner of DJMag’s “Best Standalone Computer software” ( DJ Tech Awards), the Allen & Heath Xone:2D is a mix of a 9-stereo-channel, USB soundcard and MIDI controller, which DJ’s can match their present analog mixer to produce a total Digital DJ blending system.5/5(1). XONE OVERVIEW. From inputs to outputs, Allen & Heath developed the XONE is the world’s biggest struggle / scrape mixer. Every fader is a deluxe VCA design – they are all reversible, all have contour controls, in addition they can all be quickly replaced by detatching the steel faceplate.
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Table Of Contents. Fast Hyperlinks Install this manual. Table of articles. Previous Webpage. Following Webpage. Page 2: Warranty EMC standards. To ensure that you get the most gain benefit from the unit kindly free a couple of minutes familiarising yourself because of the controls and setup procedures outlined in this user guide.

For more information please refer to the excess information available on our site, or contact our tech support team team. Read this sheet before beginning. The energy supply is sold with a pin protector that needs to be removed ahead of the de- sired head can be fitted. When setting up on a MS Windows system, the drivers are going to be from the USB port you are currently plugged into.

Restart your Mac. Page Midi Channel Setup At the conclusion of the commencement up series, once the illuminated switches have actually flashed 3 times, launch the switch on the encoder. The illuminated switches will flash three times suggesting that the MIDI map is kept and therefore the system is now with its normal working mode.

The embedded software scans the digital inputs and auto-senses which one is energetic. When an additional digital audio device is connected via the digital inputs, the system test rate would be closed into the test rate associated with the digital sound source. The inputs and outputs associated with the soundcard are of fixed design. Page back Connectors A screw terminal is given to linking the planet earth straps from turntables.

This connection earths the metal components of the turntable to lessen hum, buzz or comparable audible sound stepping into the machine. Webpage Midi Controls you will find 24 momentary action switches coded with letters A through to X for easy recognition.

To exit Shift Mode press and support the encoder again. Page 32 this can maybe not impact its reliability. Tapping a couple of beats in manually will force the detector to re-sync to your beat. Page Monitor Section Use closed-ear headphones that offer optimum acous- tic separation when cueing your sources. We advise that you use high quality headphones ranked between 30 to ohms impedance. Page Specifications The console is equipped with rubber feet for desktop computer operation.

Width Height Depth body weight Desktop mm 6. Print web page 1 Print document 35 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Do not have a merchant account? Signup! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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